S  O  N  S    O  F    L  O  S   T     A  N  G  E   L   S     M  C

  Blaine County Charter


Welcome to the official website of the Sons Of Lost Angels, a motorcycle club crew from ground breaking game title made by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V. We are a club that consists of members who share an interest in riding motorcycles, causing mayhem in all over San Andreas and working together as a club to kick some ass. We are just a honourable, respectful and a chilled out club who are just looking to ride motorcycles, hang with the brothers of the club and just enjoy ourselves on the highways of freedom because that's what we think being an MC is all about. For those female gamers however, your in luck because we don't just recruit male members, we also recruit female members too so that we are not discriminating anyone in any way. Not only that we recruit gamers from all over the globe. Just like any other motorcycle club in game and in real life, we have a Hierarchy system based on real MC ranks that members can earn to assert their own authority in the club by simply participating in crew activities and events and doing something outstanding.

Crew Business

Beekers Garage & Parts in Paleto Bay, North San Andreas is officially owned by the Sons Of Lost Angels MC and is the place where we hang out and work on our motorcycles. However any visitors can book a MOT or vehicle check anytime they want just contact us when we are in the game.

Latest News

28/02/2014: The Sons Of Lost Angels have now confirmed their move as Nomads to be the main mothership charter of the club. We are continuing to recruit members who are active motorcycle enthusiasts and want to be a part of a brotherhood within the club. But remember the Sons Of Lost Angels MC is an online gaming crew only exclusively on the Rockstar Games franchise Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox 360 only.

Crew Statistics

Crew Members: 19

Crew Type: Soldiers

Crew Photo Of The Month

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